Galaxy Fireworks have become UK champion 2019


Every year we try to make a new exciting display that is done by Galaxy Fireworks. They have become this year UK champion 2019 for their fireworks display. Above you can see a summary of the last three Grand Final displays that they have done.

The gates would open at 6.00 pm. On 7.00 pm we will start the children's display that would be followed up with a traditional Bonfire lit that will start at 7.20 pm. The second display will start a 8.00 pm and that would take around 15 minutes. The grand finale is a very special one and that is a music display from galaxy fireworks

Movies of the program

Below you can view movies of each part of the program so that you get a feel what you can expect on this exciting night for the family.

Kids Bonfire

A special fireworks for families with young children. This fireworks will allow your young children experience fireworks without the big bangs that could be frightening for your child.

The gates are open at 6.00 pm so that you can enjoy the amusements that we have and the children display start at 7.00 pm

Bonfire lit

We have a traditional bonfire lit that starts at 07.20 pm what we as parents where aware of as a celebration of Guy Fawkes. Your kids would love it and for them Furness Funfairs would be here again at this special evening

Second display

The second display will take around 15 minutes and will contain several big bangs that are not suitable for very young children. This fireworks display starts at 08.00 pm

Grand finale

The grand finale is a musical bonfire what is a complicated fireworks that is controlled by computers. This will give you a spectulair fireworks that will blown you away. This grand finale starts at 08.45 pm and will take 15 minutes